Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomac UK: Dan Sheridan's race report from Fort William

Round 2 of the ‘British Downhill Series’ took us to the famous Fort William in Scotland. I was at the British NPS there last year so I knew what to expect.

My dad, James OC, Dennes O Shea and I headed off in the van on Friday morning, we arrived in Fort Bill 11 hours later at 7 pm. We set up the pit, had some dinner and got ready for the weekend ahead.

Saturday morning went well, Myself and Gavin Carrol got a uplift que jump pass as Dennis was marshalling, which was great as we didnt have to que up for the Gondola, Cheers Dennis!

I got 7 good runs in on Saturday, I felt quick on the track through the corners and the rocky bits, but I hadnt done a full run during practise so I wasnt sure how id cope in a full run.

I rested up for the rest of the day, checked my bike and got ready for race day on Sunday.

Up again early Sunday morning and I got 2 practise runs in, felt good so I rested up for seeding. Gave the bike a check, got some food and then went up for my seeding run, ready for my first full run of the weekend. I came down and went into 8th place, which I wasnt too happy about but I had bent my mech during the run so I couldnt pedal much at the bottom.

Race run went even better, I went strong out of the gate and pinned all the top section, still not pedaling too much trying to save some energy for the bottom, but even still I was dead, I struggled through the bottom pedaly section and went into the hot seat. I stayed in the hot seat for a while and ended up in 4th place, which im pretty happy about considering I struggled alot on the long, physical track.

As usal the tomac went amazing all weekend and everything held up great, my Novatec wheels went strong even on such a rough track!

All in all a good weekend, except for when we missed the ferry on the way home and had to wait till 3 in the morning.

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