Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Classic/Kenda/Tomac: Team Update

The American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Professional Mountain Bike Team traveled to Fontana, California for the first round of the USA Cycling Pro-Tour. Both Pro team members competed in cross country, short track, and Super-D. Philicia completed the weekend with a top-25 result in cross-country, a top-20 in short track and just off the podium with a 6th place in Pro Women Super-D. Robert earned a 33rd in cross-country, 23rd in short track, and a solid top-10 in Super-D. Chase, our elite junior member, compete in the Junior elite cross-country on Saturday. After finishing in 3rd with a mechanical, Chase jumped into the Cat 1 19-24 cross-country class on Sunday, and came in 1st place. Chase also competed in the Junior Super-D and won that as well, earning him 3 podium finishes in the weekend. The team goes back to North Carolina this week for a short stay and Southeastern Regional Race, then back to California for the Sea Otter Classic.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Supersports Tomac: Couple Shots of Sean Bekkers

A couple shots of the World Solo Champion (25-29) Sean Bekkers at the Jet Black 12 hour race!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Supersports Tomac: Sean Bekkers 12 hour race report

Well last Friday saw the Yellow Vito van loaded up with a couple of Carbide SL, a hand full of AY Up lights, myself and Chris and a trip to Port ahead of us. We made it down to Port by about 9pm and set up camp right next to the 4 man AA team on the oval at Telegraph point. Chris had been telling me all about this race for a year so I was pretty stoked to be there, Chris yells out me come and check out the this corner then another then another by the time we thought we should head back we were about half way around the track and by 1am sat morning we had mad it around the course [Walking]. We were in for a treat this track was great.

The Port 12hr starts at 12 midnight Saturday night, so on Saturday morning we headed out for a practice lap, what can I say all of us were just loving it, every corner was well groomed, nice burms , a couple of log drops and a spine ride thrown in for fun. This was a course you could enjoy riding for a full 12hrs. The course was about 9.6km long

After a full day of being awake, you would think I would be ready for a sleep. No I couldn't sleep and by the time midnight came around, I was on the start line and yawning my head off. The gun went and I found myself alongside Fitzy into the first corner then I settled into third position for the first half of the lap. Then as you would expect English came screaming through with a team rider in tow. So the start of the race went like this for the first couple of laps and I was pushing pretty hard. After about 4hrs I was hurting my head wasn't in a good place and when I asked mickers how I was travelling, he told me I was in 5th but Jason was in 3rd. So what did I want out of this race? to see how I was travelling and have a bit of competition to push me. Well I got it I thought to myself, harden the F up got back on my bike and said to myself no more middle ring. Big ring it all the way and try and real myself back into podium contention.

So as you could imagine I kept chipping away trying to put consistent lap times in until I found 3rd. I caught him within the first km of the lap and decided to sit behind him and try and figure out where I was quicker then him and where I needed find some pace. The plan worked apart from a stack along the way I rolled into transition just behind him. I quickly grabbed some food jumped back on the bike and headed out slightly in front. I put the hammer down and kept looking over my shoulder to see if I could see his lights. I didn't see him so I kept hammer down.

As morning was upon us English was ready to lap me for the first of many [Machine]. The rest of the race went on the same and I kept trying to increase my lead. I was in no position to catch 2nd and English was way out in front. So by the time 11:40 rocked around I was about 45min in front and with a long drive ahead of me I decided I was happy with what I had done.

Achievements : just over 200km completed, 20 laps out of 21 done in the Big ring.

All up the track is sick, definitely worth the drive to race on English home track.

Big thanks to Tomac for my Carbide SL it's wicked, Ay Up for the best lights ever and to Onza for keeping me glued to the track [Canis]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Supersports Tomac: Sarsha & Randal Huntingtons Race Report from Oceania Champs in Dunedin, New Zealand

DRD Tomac: Kieran Bennett Back on Track at Oceanias! Podiums twice – 3rd in 4X and 4th in Downhill!

(March 21, 2010) Dunedin, New Zealand – DRD Team rider Kieran Bennett takes home two stellar results from one of the most prestigious cycling events in the south pacific! The Oceania Mountain Bike Championships, held in Dunedin, New Zealand, showcases the best mountain bike racers from Australia, New Zealand and the region all battling it out to win the title of Oceania Champion.

Following a streak of problematic races, Kieran seems to have gotten his rhythm back as he has finished his second race aboard his new DRD Tomac Primer... and with just as many podiums! With a new bike & a new team, Kieran is quick to prove just why he’s one of the quickest Kiwis on the circuit!

After a last minute decision to race 4X, Kieran promptly proved that his decision would be fruitful. Within a few practice runs, Kieran had the course dialled and had some big inside lines ready on the turns.

Going into qualifying, Kieran was pleasantly surprised to find himself in 6th position after a fairly average run.

During the race, Kieran’s inside lines paid off, as he was still getting accustomed with gated racing. Getting pushed to the back, he had to dig deep and make a move for advancement. The next round once again required Kieran to make a move against some veteran 4X riders. After a few strong passes in the first two corners, Kieran found himself in the lead & holding on until the finish.

In the finals, Kieran would find himself next to strong competition in Wyn Masters and Daniel Franks

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to be in the finals that when I decided to race, but I was stoked knowing I had made it that far,” said Kieran

Wyn Masters and Daniel Franks would take the top two spots at the finish, while Kieran was all smiles with his strong 3rd place performance.

Kieran’s main focus this weekend would undoubtedly be in the Downhill. The track suited Kieran well as it varied in terrain & was a lot of fun to ride. Kieran had to hold himself back from riding, so he wouldn’t exert himself doing too many practice runs, and remain fresh for race day.

Kieran was feeling confident and knew he could pull a good result. However, qualifying would prove to be bittersweet as a mechanical would cause a bit of a dampener in his plans, as he wanted to leave the start gate hard and see how he ranked against his competition.

“I sprinted hard out of the start and into the first few turns,” explained Kieran. “As I was pedalling out of the 3rd turn on the track, my chain dropped and got jammed out in my guide! I was pretty gutted so I just tried to carry as much speed as possible for the rest of the run. I somehow still managed to come in 12th, so I felt good going into the finals.”

Kieran’s confidence going into his race run would prove essential as there were a number of elite world cup level racers in attendance.

“Straight away I was feeling good on my DRD Tomac Primer and hardly felt like any time had passed by entering the final wooded section,” said Kieran. “Knowing all I had to do was make it out of the trees and through the 4x section clean, I started to ramp it up a little more, until I hit the finish and into the lead!”
In the end, Kieran’s time would be good enough for 4th place behind fellow countrymen Cam Cole, Nathan Rankin and Wyn Masters who have all been at the top of their game as of late.

All-in-all, an extremely successful weekend for Kieran, as he makes another big step towards the top of the podium! His confidence is on the rise & he’s getting comfortable on his new DRD Tomac!

Next up on the agenda, team DRD Tomac will be competing simultaneously in two different states. While Robin Baloochi will be attending the first round of the NWCup in Port Angeles, Washington; John Keep & Brad King will race the first round of the California Gold Cup in Fontana, California.

Photo credit: Max Carter-Smith

DRD Tomac is proudly sponsored by

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Backbone Racing: Austin Benge Takes First... AND Third!

Austin Benge rolled up to the CCC DH race last weekend in Central California, and landed in FORTY SECONDS..then ran back up the hill and took third in Jr. X! Not bad for a kid who scored a 27 on his S.A.T.'s!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Supersports Tomac: Dominates Oceania Champs in Dunedin, New Zealand!

Oceania Champs in Dunedin, New Zealand Randal 1st Masters DH by 40 seconds. Sarsha 1st Womens Duel Slalom Sarsha 1st Womens 4x Sarsha 3rd Womens DH Absolute awesome efforts guys!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Team Race Report

The American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Professional Mountain Bike Team competed in
the first round of the South Eastern Regional Championship Series in
Gainesville, Florida this weekend. With a big prize purse on the line, the top
pros from the southeast were out in full force. Chase started the day off
well, with a 3rd place in the 19-29 Cat 1 Men's field, with a racing age of
16. Philicia pulled in a solid top 10 finish, with a 7th in Pro Women. Robert
had some bad luck with a mechanical in the opening stretch of the Pro Men's
race. After getting his bike functioning again, he played catch-up with the
field and came back up to 13th place. The Team will travel next week to
Fontana, CA for the first round of the US Pro Tour.

Tomac rider Josh Maurer rides the local trails in Santa Cruz CA

Josh recently picked up a GoPro HD and has started getting creative with different angle to shoot with. Enjoy!

Backbone Racing: Mark Thome takes Bronze at U.S. Cup on his Carbide

Mark Thome slugged it out at the U.S. Cup at Bonelli Sunday aboard his Tomac Carbide for a stellar Bronze Medal finish! Way to go Mark!

Backbone Racing: Mexican National Team rider Claudia Espinoza Wins!

Mexican National Team rider Claudia Espinoza has just won the Short Track (Saturday) and XC (today) in the Festival Mountain Bike Monterrey, Mexico! This is a UCI sanctioned event, and the competition is tough.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some fresh new photos from the Backbone Team

New Type X built up for MORF Racing

"I recently built up the Tomac Type X with some parts I had lying around. Last night I finally took her out to break her in on city trail in Boulder.

The verdict -- I really like this bike and the build. It fits me perfectly and I dig the aesthetics. At a bit over 20 lbs, sans pedals, there will be no excuses with this chasis and drive train.

Not a bad view for "city trail," and during the quick ride I was reminded of what a unique place is Boulder. For reasons beyond the Flatirons, it is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye. But don't feel sorry for me. We're headed south to be closer to family... within the mountain bike friendly state of AZ. Once settled, assuming good health and good fortune, I'll continue working on this new bike's engine for years to come. It's the stuff dreams are made of."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DRD Tomac's Kieran Bennett 2nd Place at Skyline Screamer; Baloochi's Back!

Escondido, California – Dean Racing Development (DRD) Tomac kicked off our unofficial start to the 2010 season this past weekend in two different countries and with great attention! Team leaders Kieran Bennett & Robin Baloochi debuted their new DRD Tomac Primer 220’s at two events – the Skyline Screamer in Wellington, New Zealand, and the Southridge Winter Series finals in Fontana, California.

Having limited time on his new Tomac Primer, Kieran surprised a number of people with his great battle in the Skyline Screamer (an eliminator “3-cross” style format down a wide open firebreak). With a number of elite riders in contention for a sizeable purse, this event was sure to be a great race.

Kieran handled the new bike perfectly, and was seen with a big smile the whole way down the track. Winning round after round, Kieran found himself in the finals, where he would meet another world cup veteran racer in Nathan Rankin. An epic battle ensued with both Kieran & Nathan exchanging leads. Unfortunately for Kieran, Nathan was able to squeeze past him on the last possible passing point & took the win. Not all was a loss, as Kieran pocket a cool $500 for 2nd place.

“This was by far the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a long time and I think a lot of that is thanks to my new DRD Tomac” said Kieran. “I’ve never felt so instantly comfortable and confident on a new bike. I can’t say thanks enough to the organisers for putting on a great event and making it possible for me to be there, and also to Jeremiah at DRD for taking me in this season and putting me on an amazing bike!”

At the same time, here in the states, veteran racer Robin Baloochi returns from a 3 year hiatus to rock the DRD Tomac colors! With an extensive history & knowledge of racing, Robin is going to be a great asset to the team! “Getting his feet wet again” & “working out the kinks” at smaller events like Fontana and other upcoming local events, Robin will sure to be one to watch at the 2010 Pro Gravity Tour!

“Overall the first day on the bike went better than expected and rain showers through Saturday night made for real good conditions come race day,” said Robin. “During Sunday morning’s practice I somehow managed to bash a rock and knock my crank arm out of alignment, but with some innovative solutions between Jeremiah and some friends, we were somehow able to salvage a race run. At the end of the day, I finished 24th without any big hang ups. The goal of the weekend was met, which was to get the new bike rolling, get me in the gate to start running against the clock again, and figure out any kinks that need to be worked until the official season starts at the Sea Otter Classic.”

For a full report, please visit the DRD Tomac website at

Next up on the agenda, team DRD Tomac will be competing in 2 different countries & two different states (here in the USA). While Kieran Bennett prepares himself for the upcoming Oceanias, Robin Baloochi will be participating in the 1st round of the NW Cup in Port Angeles, Washington. Fellow team riders John Keep and Brad King, who are just receiving their new DRD Tomac bikes, will be competing in the first round of the California Gold Cup in Fontana, California.

Dylan Dean
Team Director

DRD Tomac is proudly sponsored by.

DRD / Tomac Announces 2010 Team!

‘Dean Racing Development’ (DRD) is proud to announce the creation of a new professional mountain bike race team, lead by industry veteran Dylan Dean. This program was built to establish an elevated atmosphere for top cycling athletes, while guiding young talented riders for future cycling careers.

Joining DRD for the 2010 racing campaign will be Tomac Mountain Bikes. As the official frame supplier to DRD, Tomac’s dedication to the sport of mountain biking will help continue to relate the legendary brand’s name with true American racing. Equipped with high quality products (such as the Primer, Vanish, Snyper, Automatic & Cortez), the DRD Tomac team will without doubt be one of the most visible & recognizable teams on the North American circuit.

“I am a big fan of gravity racing, but there are so few programs that we want to be involved in,” said Tomac’s Joel Smith. “Dylan’s team is definitely the exception and we are excited & proud to be a part of it. It’s a great group of talented riders and we expect them to do some damage on the circuit this year.”

The 2010 DRD Tomac team roster includes highly successful & talented athletes such as pro riders Kieran Bennett (NZL), Robin Baloochi (USA), John Keep (USA), and junior rider Brad King (USA).

Kieran Bennett offers a competitive force and riding style which are highly visible on & off the track. As former New Zealand & Oceania Champion, Kieran will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with on the GRT circuit.

Robin Baloochi returns to competitive mountain bike racing after a small hiatus to further his schooling. Robin brings a wealth of knowledge, having been competitive on both the national & world cup circuit. Robin’s success in downhill and 4x will be a great asset to the team!

John Keep & Brad King are two young & extremely talented riders who will benefit from the experience of their teammates. John is a highly regarded downhill racer, having already accomplished his goal of California State champion in his first year as a professional. With great success at a variety of nationally recognized events, Brad will be a contender in the Junior category and make a strong bid for the US National junior downhill team.

“It’s a well balanced team,” stated Dylan Dean. “We have experienced riders, whom I have had the privilege of working with in the past, and a couple of young talents who can be developed in the perfect environment. Our focus will be here in North America, primarily the Pro Gravity Tour, where I am confident that we can perform extremely well. I look forward towards this inaugural season & working with our new sponsors!”

Official team sponsors and supporters will be announced at a later date.

The DRD Tomac team will make it’s official debut at the 2010 Sea Otter Classic, in Monterey, California. For more information on Dean Racing Development, please visit their website at, or contact Dylan Dean at

For more information on Tomac Mountain Bikes, please visit their website at, or contact Joel Smith at


About ‘Dean Racing Development’ (DRD)

DRD is a privately run organization, owned by industry veteran Dylan Dean, who’s commitment is to develop and further the growth the sport of mountain bike racing. The goal is to establish an elevated atmosphere for top cycling athletes, while guiding young talented riders for future cycling careers. Working with USA Cycling, DRD also directs the Professional Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) – the nation’s premier gravity mountain bike race series. Further information about DRD, or other assets owned &/or operated by Dylan Dean, can be obtained by visiting

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomac rider Josh Maurer rides his Primer in Santa Cruz CA

Photos by Sean Walton (

Video by Josh Maurer (