Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garda Marathon

It was a few weeks ago now, but Johnny and I (Joel Smith) competed in the Garda Bike Marathon in Italy. It was 106k in distance and over 12K in climbing. We were pretty worked.

I'd love to say I was leading Johnny the whole race, but you and I both know that's not true.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eli Tomac at Hangtown

Perhaps the greatest weekend for any first time pro ever, Johnny's son Eli won the Hangtown National Motocross this past weekend with 3-1 finishes in the first and second motos. Check out the image of pure joy on Kathy and Eli's faces post race.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Team Race Report

The American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Professional Mountain Bike Team rolled out on the new Flint 29 for the first time this weekend in Ducktown, TN for the 6th round of the South Eastern Regional Championship Series. The 29 inch bike provided Robert and Chase an advantage on the course, which consisted of a long climb, a long downhill, and a mile of pavement. The Pro Men race started hard and fast with Robert off the front early in the first of three laps. Only one rider would be able to bridge the gap and Robert would hold on to 2nd place on the day. Chase also finished in 2nd place on his Flint 29. Philicia, riding the Tomac Type X held on for a top ten in the Pro/Open Women's class. The finishes helped the team keep their top 5 places Overall in the Series. The Team next races closer to home in Charlotte, NC for a Southern Classic Race.

Sarsha Harrington 2nd at Maribor World Cup 4X

Sarsha's 4th Place in World Cup Points!!!

Tomac UK: Dan Sheridan's race report from Fort William

Round 2 of the ‘British Downhill Series’ took us to the famous Fort William in Scotland. I was at the British NPS there last year so I knew what to expect.

My dad, James OC, Dennes O Shea and I headed off in the van on Friday morning, we arrived in Fort Bill 11 hours later at 7 pm. We set up the pit, had some dinner and got ready for the weekend ahead.

Saturday morning went well, Myself and Gavin Carrol got a uplift que jump pass as Dennis was marshalling, which was great as we didnt have to que up for the Gondola, Cheers Dennis!

I got 7 good runs in on Saturday, I felt quick on the track through the corners and the rocky bits, but I hadnt done a full run during practise so I wasnt sure how id cope in a full run.

I rested up for the rest of the day, checked my bike and got ready for race day on Sunday.

Up again early Sunday morning and I got 2 practise runs in, felt good so I rested up for seeding. Gave the bike a check, got some food and then went up for my seeding run, ready for my first full run of the weekend. I came down and went into 8th place, which I wasnt too happy about but I had bent my mech during the run so I couldnt pedal much at the bottom.

Race run went even better, I went strong out of the gate and pinned all the top section, still not pedaling too much trying to save some energy for the bottom, but even still I was dead, I struggled through the bottom pedaly section and went into the hot seat. I stayed in the hot seat for a while and ended up in 4th place, which im pretty happy about considering I struggled alot on the long, physical track.

As usal the tomac went amazing all weekend and everything held up great, my Novatec wheels went strong even on such a rough track!

All in all a good weekend, except for when we missed the ferry on the way home and had to wait till 3 in the morning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A history lesson from the man himself on VitalMTB,2283/sspomer,2

American Classic/Kenda/Tomac: Team Update

The Tomac Carbide helped the American Classic/Kenda/Tomac Professional Mountain Bike Team score all top-three finishes at the rocky, technical Alabama course this past weekend. The race was the 5th round of the South Eastern Regional Championship Series. Chase once again dominated the Cat 1 19-29 Men's field, beating the next competitor by over 2 minutes. Philicia continues to have success, placing 3rd in the Pro/Open Women. Robert also earned a 3rd place for the weekend in the Pro Men class. With 5 races to go in the Series, Chase leads his class in points. Robert and Philicia hold steady top-5 points positions. Racing resumes in two weeks in Ducktown, TN. The race is the 6th round of the SERC Series and is also a Kenda Cup Qualification Race.

Supersports Tomac: Sarsha Huntington's Race Report from World Cup #1 4x in Houffalize, Belgium